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    Meet Jen

    Licensed Clinical Dietician Nutritionist, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach and Exercise Specialist

    Jen is a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist (PA, DE, MD, Pending IL), Certified Nutrition Specialist, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise Trainer certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). College degrees include: Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science earned through Broadview University, Masters Degree for Applied Clinical Nutrition through Northeast College of Health Sciences (formerly known as New York Chiropractic College) and Currently enrolled in the University of the Western States Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition.


    Jen has always had an enthusiasm for health, wellness, fitness and being active, and she believes the best way to stay fit is to continuously have a goal. Some of her completed personal goals include: competing in half-marathons; triathlon-sprints; bike race and an NPC fitness competition. 

    Whether your goals are to lose weight, improve digestion, relief from metabolic conditions, autoimmune disorders, GI distress, support with a diagnosis, weight loss, build muscle, improve strength and flexibility, or to train for your very first 5K. She will help you with motivation, support and an effective customized wellness program.

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    Healthy Starts Here

    We provide a variety of group fitness and fun training classes, personal training, nutrition couseling and health coaching. Our goal is to support you in achieving overall health whether it's through diet, fitness, or both.  
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    Why Naturopathy

    Why Take a Hollistic Nutrition Approach?

    I can help with the below personal goals, without shakes, prepackaged meals or additional expenses beyond the grocery store,  farmer's market and supplements to help with deficiencies and inflammation!


    Is the complex process of turning the food you eat into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth and cell repair needed to survive. When there is a problem in the process, either by medication related deficiencies, allergies, sensitivities or imbalances problems can arise with uncomfortable symptoms.


    Poor nutrition or an inability to properly absorb nutrients can cause exhaustion and fatigue.  A well balanced diet can greatly improve energy and reduce the chance of nutrient deficiencies


    Your body naturally removes toxins from you system through your kidneys, liver and sweat.  There are foods that can help support this system that do not include purchasing powders or supplements.  A simple nutrition plan using real food is all you need!

    Metabolic Conditions

    Many of these condition are the result of stress, poor nutrition and lifestyle choices; however, many are not.  Working with a dietician can help reduce the risk of developing these conditions or can provide nutritional support to help control blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

    Weight Loss

    A realistic nutrition plan can help with healthy sustainable weight loss.  Nutrition support and health coaching will give you the tools to be successful in your weight loss goals.


    Stress is a huge contributor of weight gain, fatigue, metabolic conditions and overall health.  Behavior modifications, diet and lifestyle changes can help combat stress.  Health coaching can be very beneficial in helping to find strategies to make small changes that will improve stress levels and manage way to improve health.


    Now Accepting BCBS for Nutrition Services

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    Dietician Nutrition Services


    Health Coaching



    Food Sensitivity, Allergy, GI Stool Testing

    Kettlebell Workout

    Personal Training Services (Individual/Couples)

    Fitness Group

    Online Group Classes

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    "I have been going to Jen for 3 years and she has helped me to lose 20 pounds within the last year. I have been able to keep it off where in the past I would have put it right back on. She worked with me to set realistic goals and change my relationship with food. Jen’s nutrition plans have many options and I never feel restricted on them. Additionally, she helped pave the way for my long term health by showing how to choose the correct food and not by just putting me on a restrictive diet. Jen goes above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. She is always encouraging and she makes you feel welcome within the first minutes of talking with her. Jen also makes the workouts go by so fast with her encouraging words.She does an amazing job at modifying workouts, so that everyone’s needs are met. I recommend Jen to everyone I meet. She is truly a wonderful person and cares very deeply about all of her clients."

    - Alexa P


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    Bishopville, MD / Online for all MD, DE & PA Residents

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